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I have had a remarkable time over the years helping my brides and grooms experience the day of their dreams. All of their guests had fun. Everyone was comfortable and felt like they knew the venue, because of the welcoming attitude we espouse. Then, they saw their favorite people in the world dance the night away, and loved how so many of them remarked on what great music the DJ played, and what a great time they had. 

At this beautiful point in my career, I only work with select couples, and it's not because my prices are out of the stratosphere. On the contrary, my prices are at about the middle of the pack in the Fort Collins market. The value I bring, as many vendors that recommend me will tell you, is among the best in the area. 

 I still love it, and I believe I always will. 

Just as in my real estate business, I want to be around people who elevate me and bring out the best in me just as I do for them. 

So, what I'm saying is, if you want very special service and are willing to take a little time to see if we match up, give me a call.  

My real estate pracitce is based on service, understanding and value that add up to maximize my clients' quality of life. 

I enjoy a very good quality of life. It is of the utmost importance to me and I recommend the same course of action for all my clients. I help them to find a better quality of life by helping them find the improvements they can make , their property, or themselves. In turn, in order to run my business as the service giving organization I dream it will be, I must find improvements to my practice and life, every day, a little bit at a time. 

I am licensed by the state of Colorado to practice real estate. I am a member of the National Association and Fort Collins Board of REALTORS®. 

With over 100,000 agents worldwide, RE/MAX is the team that supports me as an agent, and you as a buyer or seller. There is a reason that people trust our beautiful red, white and blue balloon, and I am so happy to have everyone at RE/MAX with us. 

Our clients trust us with their real estate and their dreams. We seek to serve over a lifetime, so that as we mature together, all of us can really optimize the opportunities that so thankfully present themselves. 

I operate from an abundance mindset,setting everyone up for the greatest chance for success.  

125 S. Howes St, Suite 120, Fort Collins, CO 80521


I've been on stage since I was a kid and on rock and roll music radio since I was 21. In Fort Collins, I have been heard on TRI 102.5, 99.9, and 94.3. Most people know me as a positive voice for Fort Collins who helped wake them up for over 13 years. 

I always knew my radio job was a very special privilege, so I have made sure to involve myself in local charities and tried to open my platform to as many great causes as I could. 

Doing the morning show, hosting charity events, providing music when needed, and generally supporting the causes I believe in has brought me to the point where I am a sought after host for radio, weddings, parties, charity events, civic and corporate affairs and many other fun types of gatherings and efforts.

I am currently developing a  show for KRFC FM, Fort Collins. 

Check out everything I created online from 2010 to 2016 with TRI1025.com

Services Available on Request

​As a REALTOR®, and in my other endeavors, all of which involve service and helping your visions become a reality, I believe in setting out with an abundance mindset and a focus on success.

My method is to provide great care, obedience, loyalty, disclosure, accountability and confidentiality. Plus, I bring an attention to detail and anticipation that resolves issues before they happen.

We make moves on things that are in your best interest. We start with the end in mind. What do we want? A successful sale? Your dream home? 

Whatever it is, once we know your dream, my team and I figure out how to make it a reality. It will add up to the best service you've ever had and the best experience possible. 

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Serving the Northern Colorado Region

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