In 2009, I realized that there weren't any (or very few) wedding DJ's in Northern Colorado that brought the kind of professionalism to their couples that I was bringing to my corporate radio clients every day. In radio, with our advertising and event partners, I learned first to be interested in their mission. I had to totally get who they were, where they were coming from, what they offered and what they wanted to say to be able to design multi-platform marketing campaigns that truly reflected their cause, service or product. Plus, I learned to be on time; to dress appropriately, not over or under; to be service oriented, to make the strongest effort to be able to say yes and to do whatever it took to accomplish the goal. 

So, I decided to bring that type of 'A' game to the wedding industry here in town. I am so thankful for the many couples that helped me establish my business and allowed me to be a part of their biggest of days. I've done over a hundred of them, but don't let a large amount of time spent doing something make you assume that someone is very skilled at it. They could be repeating bad habits over and over again. 

The best person to hire, in my humble opinion, is the one that puts learning and curiosity at the forefront, that doesn't assume things, that always does their best, that doesn't take things personally, and whose only real goal is to satisfy the goal. That is how I operate. 

I am proud to say that at every wedding I have ever done, at the end, I not only have very satisfied brides and grooms, but also satisfied parents, kids, and grandparents. I keep the whole crowd in mind with regards to music selection, volume and general atmosphere. 

My favorite moment, though, is when a really young person comes up to tell me that I had such great music selection, then an older person comes and tells me the same thing. It happens all the time. Testimonials are available on my Facebook page, and I can send  you more, and numbers as well, if you like. Just send me an email.  

I know the music. I can feel the energy in the room, I've made more than ten thousand hours worth of announcements at the professional level. I'm early, happy and ready. 

 It is one of my gifts and I have honed it to a great expertise. 

My writing style seems so serious sometimes (sorry :) I want you to know that I have as much fun as anyone at the event. I am playful, approachable, light, easy, ready for requests, and I want to do what makes your day the best possible. 

I am only working with a few select couples per year, as my real estate clients occupy the overwhelming majority of my time and effort. However, it is still so fun and I seem to manage to connect with such great people through this process, so I am always excited when I book a wedding. 

If you think you'd like to work with me, please be in touch. Just because I am exclusive in who I work with doesn't mean my pricing is prohibitive. On the contrary, because my real estate practice is the focus, I can charge less than I used to, and often less than many DJ's in the market. So, do reach out. I love hearing from couples, I have good recommendations for all the other vendors, and if I don't handle your wedding, I'll be happy to help in any way that I can. I brainstorm with couples over the phone or coffee, I help them problem solve and I can also give you an idea of what to expect when calling other DJ's. 

Call for availability. I don't answer availability questions over email. If you aren't serious enough about it to want to talk, then we already aren't a match. :) 970 231 8217


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(970) 231-8217

A Wedding Story and a DJ's Tale

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